Phi Hotel Canalgrande

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Welcome to Phi Hotel Canalgrande, a historic residence nestled in the historic Schedoni palace, with origins dating back to 1530.

Initially erected as a convent, it was later rebuilt at the end of the 1700s by Giuseppe Soli for the singer Caterina Bonafini, whose cultural salon was one of the most frequented in the city. Ownership of the building subsequently passed to Dr. Filippo Spezzani and, after his death, was sold to Marquis Giuseppe Pietro Schedoni. The residence remained in the Schedoni family until well into the mid-20th century, after which it was transformed into the hotel you see today.

Phi Hotel Canalgrande

Historic residence located in the old Schedoni palace in the heart of Modena.

The elegant design of our first-floor windows features sophisticated jambs and a straight-lined crowning that are also mirrored on our arched entrance door at the top of a marble staircase. The second-floor windows share this straight-lined crowning, complete with balustrades and pilasters at the base, a motif that extends to the sides of the palace, both to the left, connecting to the Church of St. Maria delle Asse, and to the right, leading to a spacious terrace supported by large arches that overlook the building’s southern courtyard.

Although the exterior of our hotel is understated, the interior is richly decorated. The entrance atrium and adjacent rooms are adorned with neoclassical-inspired elements, at times merging with the illusions typical of the rococo style. The pictorial decorations and portraits in the rooms aim to celebrate the arts, along with the Este family and the French royal house.

Phi Hotel Canalgrande

Phi Hotel Canalgrande offers 67 uniquely styled rooms in the heart of Modena. The hotel's distinguished hall comprises two spaces decorated in a neoclassical style, separated by a serliana architectural structure. From here, you can access two of the hotel’s halls, each elegantly furnished with fine draperies, tapestries, frescoed ceilings, stuccos, and pictorial decorations. These halls are adjacent to each other, creating an art gallery that stretches over 30 meters and the Agorà degli Affari.

The art gallery at Phi Hotel Canalgrande is used for exhibitions, events, and photo shoots. The Agorà degli Affari is an ideal space for business needs, providing a comfortable and stimulating environment for planning and discussing ideas in complete tranquility and privacy.

The stately halls from the lobby extend in succession, leading to a terrace that opens up to the view of the inner garden. This garden is a rare find and an unexpected surprise for a guest choosing to stay in the city center.

In one corner of the garden, immersed in greenery, there is a charming vine-covered gazebo with Doric columns and marble seats, an ancient water basin decorated on top with rocks and ornamental climbers, and a rudimentary stone tabernacle. Phi Hotel Canalgrande has hosted numerous distinguished guests from the industrial, artistic, cultural, and sports worlds

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